Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Sir James Wright, last Colonial Governor of GA

One of the research projects that I have resumed this year, has been my work with several other genealogists and historians on the ancestry, marriage, and children of Georgia's last Royal Governor, Sir James Wright (1716-1785).

Although I had researched the genealogy of most of Georgia's governors, I had not gotten into the colonial ones. I first got into the Wright story in 2003 and again in 2005 with my friend and fraternity brother, James F. Cook, Ph.D., who wrote the book The Governors of Georgia. The question was, how many children did Gov. Wright have.

In 2007 this came up again, this time with Mary Bondurant Warren of Athens asking the questions due to her series of books on the Governor and Council Journals of Colonial Georgia that she is now about to finish up the volume for 1781. We added Pat Kruger of Charleston SC into the mix for her help on the SC records, where Wright spent his "formative years," as his father was Chief Justice there and Wright married there in 1742. Most recently we have added Greg Brooking, an historian who is working on his Ph.D and plans to write his dissertation on Gov. Wright, which we hope will eventually become a book, long overdue.

One of the issues is Gov. Wright's burial spot in Westminster Abbey in London. It is apparently now (2010) covered up by a temporary snack area or so we have been told.

We have explored the connections of Wright's wife, Sarah Maidman, and her death in 1764 when the ship she was on from Savannah to England sank, with all lost. We have continued to explore the issue of the number, names and history of their children.

With the Internet we have been able to research and prove a lot about them without ever leaving home, at least I have. It is quite amazing what is out there to be found online. You can even purchase and have it downloaded online actual documents from the British National Archives at Kew (formerly called the PRO). We have even been able to get Gov. Wright's will via that process.

So if anyone out there has any real information on Wright's family, or is related--we know there are descendants in South Carolina of Gov. Wright's---get in touch, preferably directly by e-mail above, as I don't often check things on this blog, see previous post.

Blog Revival 2010

Friends of my poor neglected blog. I know they say there are many blogs out there that have just gone dry and mine is one of them. As the New Year is in full swing now, and I have gotten through the end of 2009- my birthday, the holidays on either side of it, and New Year's, surely I can do better this year, and also probably actually put some genealogy tips on this blog, hence it's name.

I began the year with my annual trip to Sapelo Island in January with the Coastal Study Group, our 22nd visit I think it was this year. I am now having repairs done to my garage due to the Sept 2009 rains in Atlanta area, flood damage when I don't live near water- figure that one out.

There were several things from 2009 that I intended to comment on, and one was the anniversary in August of Hurricane Camille on the Mississippi Gulf Coast in which I participated as a member of the U. S. Air Force stationed there. But alas, I just never got around to my comments.

Hope to better in this new year. My Facebook page is equally neglected. KEN